Neele Marie Denker
spatial strategies

Möllner Fassade


Thies Warnke, Neele Marie Denker

The Installation by the spatial artist Thies Warnke was created in September 2020 as a temporary memorial for the arson attack in 1992 in Mölln, Germany. The work represents the silhouette of the house that was set on fire in 1992 on a 1:1 scale. The temporary monument refers directly to the three murdered family members through its pictorial transferability and an attached LED board. The work is intended to take a concrete position as a mediating interface that tells the stories of the victims. It makes the story tangible. By mentioning the names on the LED board, the different stories become imaginable. Thies Warnke does not show the viewer any stirring images but allows them to emerge from the little information provided, thus reminding us of the memory of the Möllner arson attack. I was responsible for project management, art direction, and the accompanying workshops and events.

Exhibited: Bahide-Arslan-Platz, Gaarden, Sep 2020