Neele Marie Denker
spatial strategies

Kiosk: Premise


Neele Marie Denker, Paula Koch

The Anscharpark Kiosk offers the extraordinary opportunity to deal with vacancy as a possibility space in a temporary 1:1 trial. The concept of space of possibilities is to be tested through holistic planning freedom in the design process. The thesis project was aiming for an explorative way of rethinking the typology of the kiosk in the context of urban space and its specific surrounding the Anscharpark. The Anscharpark project has become a growing terrain in the city of Kiel through housing, culture, and business. This provides the appropriate framework for practically approaching the concept of the space of possibilities Kiosk. The core idea was to open up spaces of possibility, to sort out ideas of spatial strategy in alternative ways, and to analyze their effect in the urban and social context. The focus of the work is based on a participational approach and transformation of space in order to discover possibilities. Part of the 6 months long thesis project were various exhibitions, constructions, participative actions, courses, workshops, neighborhood actions - all with the aim to discuss sustainable urban development and vacancy in the city.

Exhibited: Kiosk Anscharpark; 02/2020