Neele Marie Denker
spatial strategies



Neele Marie Denker, Jakob Brand, Supervision: Design Studio Aust+Amelung

The Hokker — designed in an interdisciplinary workshop. The Hokker (Basswood, solid wood, natural soaped, 425x320x350mm, 2123g) plays with our senses with its solid sharp-edged curved seat and three distinctive legs looking different in every angle. A stool is no furniture where you sit relaxed for hours but rather a seat for moments in between. You pick it up quickly, put it down in good company, and take a seat. The stool designed in three days is simple yet playful at once. The idea is to create tension between its appearance and the actual perception. The seating looks solid and sturdy which is eased by the arrangement of the three legs with the seating levitating over the front leg. When lifting the Hokker one notices the lightness of the basswood.