Neele Marie Denker
spatial strategies

E/A 2020 Annual Exhibition
Muthesius University of Fine Arts
and Design


by Neele Marie Denker, Paula Koch, Jonas Fischer , Leo Sell, Benjamin Unterluggauer, Maren Zünkler, Sören Herber and many more

This year, everything is different: The spaces of the Muthesius Art Academy could not be used as exhibition venues as usual. Therefore, the radius of the art academy expanded digitally and physically. Exhibitions from all faculties (communication design, fine art, industrial design, spatial strategies) are colorfully scattered throughout the urban space in the city of Kiel. The four-day event deals with the question of how and what an annual exhibition can be in the face of a pandemic, existential fears, everyday life, upheavals, and change. The concept focuses on alternative exhibition venues in digital and public space and thus reacts to the current situation together, in solidarity, critically, and attentively.

The concepts approach focuses on alternative exhibition venues in digital and public space with almost 50 exhibition places. Above all the main focus was to build a bridge to the quarters in the city, to other art providers, and to the offers of alumni, who all had to fight for their existence in the same way as signs of the past lockdown, and some of it still has to and to create a sustainable network. Places for real encounters were not only the familiar exhibition venues of the city but also newly discovered niches in the urban space, where art and design could often take place for the first time. In addition to these physical locations, parts of E/A 2020 also take place on 200 billboards, which are conceived and designed by the individual classes as a separate exhibition area. The digital exhibition was equally important for this year‘s concept. We guided through online exhibitions, set up a live streaming offer with performances, and offered a podcast, which can still be listened to on YouTube.

The catalog of the annual exhibition is being published at the beginning of the winter semester 20/21. Parts of the digital exhibition are still online at

Opening on July 15th, 2020, 5 p.m., streaming on the website
Einblick Ausblick on the billboards: July 17. until July 27th, 2020
Website: (starts July 15, 5 p.m.)

Download: The folding map of the Locations in Kiel for download (PDF in German)

A conversation with Neele Marie Denker and Paula Koch about their work as project managers
under special and new conditions.

picture credits Sören Herber and Louise Preuß